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We have ONE GOAL

namely, to establish on a scientific basis and for the benefit of all a constitution for all life on Earth, which stands above the constitutions of nation states and is superordinate to all religious and political principles and beliefs.

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You can make a difference

Does the earth need life?

Does life need the earth?

It affects us all, it is not a question of politics, religion, gender or nationality - it is a matter of existential importance. You can help make a difference now! Make a statement today and do your part.

This site is constantly being expanded; we want to add more languages etc. and network with other organizations. The campaign started on January 2020 with the manifesto for a constitution for the Living Planet.






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who we are

and what we want

It is not the words that count, but the actions.

There are many initiatives, programs and commitments around the world for the environment.

We want to unite with these forces towards a common goal,

a constitution for the Living Planet, because there is no planet B.


To clarify: When driving a car everyone adhere to traffic laws, whatever their political, social or religious convictions, because it's in everyone's interest that no-one ignores red lights, for example.

The constitution for the Living Planet is intended as a basic instrument for the creation of an "Earth Law" (like the traffic law), which is applicable to everyone worldwide and forms the basis for the preservation of our biosphere.

Simply put: if someone needs water for what they produce, then this water has to be fully recycled immediately. The same applies to the use of air. Processes, machines etc. that have a negative impact on the Living Earth, measures must be implemented that will lead for their replacement. For example, combustion engines can be converted to run on hydrogen produced with renewable energy. The conversion of the existing cars is now feasible and will creates jobs. The only reason it doesn't happen is because of the special interests of certain lobbies, the fossil fuels industries, for example!

We have to learn to put the interests of the general public above those of these special interest lobbies, as the small corona virus shows us.

This will affect all areas, directing research and funding into an ecological circular economy and research, creating millions of new jobs and ensuring a healthy way of life for all.


A million extinct species are a million too many.


The initiative is non-religious, supranational, gender-neutral, age-neutral, and not tied to a political orientation. Instead it has an explicit scientific, ecological basis. The goal is to build a worldwide campaign for a constitution for the Living Planet.

Anyone can take part - individuals, associations, towns, cities, countries, companies, organizations such as UNICEF, the EU, WWF, Greenpeace, movements such as Fridays for Future, governments, political representatives and initiatives, etc. -

and are committed to ONE common goal - overriding particular interests.

This is how we achieve great things in a short time. Corona shows that it is possible.


The constitution of the Living Planet should be valid worldwide, taking precedence over all the workings of nation states and politics. It takes precedence over special interests. It derives from an understanding that we humans have to protect ourselves from human actions. The constitution is an instrument for governments to make binding hard-wired laws that initiate an ecological turnaround NOW.

The earth is a coherent system. For air, water, animals, and plants there are no boundaries. Borders are nothing more than man-made structures, and it is time to recognize this in the interest of all people and all living things.


We are looking for

People who actively help to launch this campaign worldwide

please share this on your social media, we really want people from everywhere to participate, together for a goal that is for everyone, for the whole community.

This is just the beginning of the journey

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